Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tips on using Curl Junkie Smoothing Gellie

Hi everyone! I have been getting some questions lately on how to best use the Smoothing Gellie so I thought I'd address that here in this blog. Firstly, the Smoothing Gellie is more like a mix of a light curl creme and a light gel and when I originally made it, it jiggled more like a Jelly of sorts and hence the name. Now that the manufacturer makes it, it has a little more solid structure, but the performance is the same. It is the Broccoli seed oil that makes it cloudy, but the chemical make up of the product is that of a light gel.

So, how to use it best? What hair types is it best for? I would say that it works best on fine to normal (texture and density), 3b (curly) and 3c (very curly) hair types, although folks on outside that range from very wavy (2c) to tightly coiled (4a), have used the product successfully as well but these hair types would be better served with say the Aloe Fix or CoffeeCoco Curl Creme. This product is really great at getting your hair to "clump" together, be more defined, and smooth out frizzies if you use it correctly. I have 3c/4a normal (texture/density) hair and have been using this product lately with great success. Here's how I'd recommend using it:

1)Apply to very wet hair (after rinsing conditioner-you can use a leave-in conditioner like our Curl Assurance leave-in or Styling water if you have dry hair, but this is not necessary) by smoothing a generous amount over the hair (like you were pulling your hair into a ponytail) and then adding more product by smoothing it through the inner sections, making sure all of your hair is covered.

2)If you are in the shower, quickly run the water over your hair to help "activate" and distribute product. Squish/scrunch the product through your hair.

3)Now, take a brush (like a Denman) or a wide tooth comb and brush through hair in this dripping wet stage. This is when you should see the hair start clumping together and getting more defined.

4)At this point, you can leave the hair as is or you can top it (by scrunching it in) with a hard hold gel (such as Biosilk Rock Hard Gellee or LaBella Lots of Curls gel-this one works really nicely with the Smoothing Gellie) if it's humid out or you just want extra security.

5)I usually just blot my hair with a towel (without movement-to soak up extra water) and let my hair air-dry.

So if you have been having problems using this product, try the above to see if it will work for you!

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  1. I have 3a curls and love love love the SG! I agree that it helps with clumps and use it under any of my gels.

    Just wanted to add that I use a Denman to brush it through or a FINE tooth comb; a wide tooth comb doesnt clump quite as much.

    Also, I totally resoak my hair once I brush the SG thru - really amps up the clumps!