Sunday, December 12, 2010

Using Curl Junkie in Low Dew Points!

I have been receiving a lot of questions on this topic and thought it would be a good idea to blog a bit on it. For those who don't know what their dew points are, you can check out: and for an easy way to find out and see the relationship between temperature, relative humidity, and dew points.

In low dew points, for hair types that are sensitive to this, the best Curl Junkie products to check out are:

1)Daily Fix
2)Hibiscus & Banana Deep Fix - this works best for me in low dews!
3)Curl Rehab
4)Smoothing Conditioner
5)Beauticurls Leave-in Conditioner
6)CoffeeCoco Curl Creme - this works great in low dews to seal in moisture!
7)Hibiscus & Banana Honey Butta
8)Curls in a Bottle!
9)Curl Queen
10)Strengthening Conditioner - edit *** just wanted to say that I have been using this product in the past week on my friends after cuts and colors and I love the way it leaves their hair glossy and smooth! This is performing really well even in low dews as a rinse out! No frizz and easy detangling (both have past bra-strap length wavy-curly hair (one fine, one coarse)). I am really loving this conditioner!

For a Protein Treatment try:
1)Repair Me!
2)Curl Fix

A customer just recommended a combo that actually works really well! Try:
1)Daily Fix - to cleanse
2)Strengthening Conditioner - as a rinse out conditioner
3)Beauticurls Leave-in - as your leave-in
4)CoffeeCoco Curl Creme - as your curl creme
5)Curls in a Bottle! - for hold and shine

The CoffeeCoco and Curls in a Bottle! combo actually provided a med-firm hold and good moisture levels...I liked this combo a bunch!

If you have any low dew combos that have worked well for you, please post 'em! :-)


  1. I have been loving Bauticurls leave in combined with MOP C curl cream (mixed together and applied on pretty wet hair). Then I am using Curl Queen Gel over that. This has been working great for me for weeks!!

  2. I seem to have issues with using ANY creme underneath my gels in low dews. With my low porosity and fine hair, the cremes seem to weigh down my curls and make my hair feel heavy. So, I've been using JUST gels (after a little bit of leave-in). CJ AFL has been terrific for me lately.

    ...Apparently, moisture isn't an issue for me as much as hold. ;)

  3. Strengthening Condish is AWESOME!!!! - def. a HG product for me. And I changed my mind since that prior post of mine: Curl Queen is working better for me right now than Aloe Fix Lite.

    And, even though I haven't been using cremes under my gels lately, I have to try the CoffeeCoco/Curls In A Bottle combo - just once - and see how that works.

  4. Just got your sample sets and having so much fun playing around with hairs been soft but defined like it never is!
    I have a question- I have superfine, thin 3a hair. Id like to try the no-poo method but I have really bad scalp psoriasis and need to use medicated shampoos often. Any recommendations for how I can keep my hair from drying out without letting conditioner weigh me down? Its ok if you dont have any thoughts on this, just thought Id ask!

  5. Hi Lauren!

    I would suggest trying to use the shampoos just on the scalp without really running the shampoo through the hair lengths. Then follow with a conditioner to use for the CG /no-poo method. Also be sure to do a weekly Deep Treatment (in your case you could try out the Beauticurls Strengthening conditioner) to keep your hair strong!

  6. Hi Marsha, what is a good regimen for high dew points now that we're going into spring/summer?

  7. Hi! Check out and look towards the bottom of the page for the sets. You can use those as a guide to see what products will work in more humid/high dew situations. Thanks!

  8. I have thin 3a/b curls, I have been using henna after I cut all damages from chemical dye. I use Daily Fix (one a month Gentle Shampoo), Strengthening Conditioner and Aloe Fix for some time now and since I set that combo every day I have the same beautiful results! Once a week I use Fix Curl as deep treatment which helps to save my curls as henna can sometimes loosens curl pattern but Curl Fix counteracts it. I am a big fan of Curl Junkie and glad I can buy it even though I live in Ireland. :)

  9. I have tightly coiled, low - normal porosity hair and have been using the combo below for my twist outs/roller sets:
    CA Smoothing Lotion + Coffee-Coco Creme + CIAB (tiny bit)

    With the increasing humidity in Chicago, which of the revised combos below would you recco (or do you have other recco's):
    BeautiCurls Leave-in Conditioner + Curl Queen + CIAB
    BeautiCurls Leave-in Conditioner + Aloe Fix Gel + CIAB

    Love your products!

  10. Hi! I think either of those combos would be good depending on whether or not your hair likes protein (then Curl Queen) or not (Aloe Fix). I would also suggest checking out using the Curl Rehab as a Leave-in as well and maybe topping with just CIAB!

  11. Hello Marsha,

    I am looking to order 2 products from your line.

    I have naturally thin 2B wavy hair and live in a place with a consistent 60 dewpoint, but the worst part is it is windy 90% of the time. I think my porosity is high, takes color/moisture immediately and the looses it right away. My hair turns green from chlorine pools after 2 swims. I wash my hair daily as I have 4 kids and prefer to keep the germs at bay.

    I was thinking of purchasing curls in a bottle, and repair me. But now, after ready many of your blogs, I am thinking of either of the 2 Coffee coco curl (regular or lite) since they are all in ones. I need a curl reactivator to assist my waves into curls. I can't use anything that gives stiffness, when I scrunch the crunch, my hair gets extremely frizzy everywhere, but mostly on top. If I leave the crunch, my hair gets knotted into one dread, but the end of the day.

    The only product that I have ever been able to use is Fx Curls Up Reactivator & Defrizzant. This was amazing on my hair and the only product I needed to produce extreme curl and softness. It was conditioning and produced spiral curls in my hair. I had curls that I could run my fingers through all day. The ingredients were...Propylene glycol, aqua (water), cyclomethicone, dimethiconol, polyacrylamide, C13-14 isoparaffin, laureth-7, anthemis nobilis (chamomile extract), parfum, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), panthenol, quaternium 15, methylparaben. I know a lot of these are bad, but they worked perfectly and I haven't found anything since that has been anywhere near as effective.

    I wash with humectress shampoo and conditioner now. I don't rinse out all of the conditioner, and then I add Lush R&B Hair moisturizer to the ends sparingly. I then plop my hair and (seldomly diffuse...causes extreme frizz).

    My curls look ok for about an hour, then they frizz out and my ends are extremely dry by the end of the day.

    Please advise me as to what I can use to help lock in moisture, define/enhance the curls, and keep the frizz down throughout the day. I am sorry for the long winded post, but really interested in your expertise. Your knowledge is amazing.

    Thank you!


    1. Hi! Please feel free to direct your questions to for a more personalized answer if possible. Thx!


      Curl Junkie Support Team